The Importance of Knowing your Genealogy

feature-1 The importance of knowing once Genealogy is not only for you to determine or identify your origin, but also to know the rich history of your family and determine that you might atleast confirmed that you might atleast not marry someone of your same line (more of joke of course but true). Read More→

Amazing Famous People’s Geneaology

feature-2Do you know that Tom Hanks is related to Abraham Lincoln? Even George Clooney was related too! if you think it makes them as distant cousin? that is very very true! Here are more of the list of shocking and amazing celebrities with famous relatives. Read More→

How to Retrace Your Family Tree

feature-3Retracing your family tree is not as hard as it seems. You may start doing so by starting with your own name of course, place your siblings, then your parents, until you trace as far as you could. Here is a simple step by step guide to do so… Read More→